Support Great Montessori in Steubenville Even After Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is done, but if you have any Giving left to give, We’ll take what’s left! Make your best gift.

Hilltop Children’s House is expanding. In our fifth year we have 18 children in our Primary (ages 3-6) and our brand new elementary is humming along with eight fantastic students.

Our facilities and materials all need upgrades and renovations, and since we are donor-driven, your support means so much to our children!

Primary Children’s House

Our Primary classroom building — our original building since 2018 — is 100 years old. It has walls that we do not need, it needs plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work, and we need to install more windows where there aren’t any.

With these upgrades we will be able to welcome up to eight more students due to the increased useable space.

A generous grant from the J.C. Williams Foundation will cover about half of the total needed, but we need to raise the other half: $25,000 by next spring!

Elementary Program and its Building

Our new Elementary Program is operating well in the new building we secured at the end of May. This building, also 100 years old, needs a new high-efficiency furnace, plus central air. This building also needs some electrical upgrades, and we hope eventually to put a large deck on the back to facilitate outdoor activities.

Further, the Elementary Program has launched with a skeleton complement of materials. We have the bare essentials, but to really make this education what it can be we need a lot more. You can see a comprehensive list here.

This is where you come in.

Whether your gift is large or small, we have needs of all sizes.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

We keep our tuition number low to help families afford our programs. The average tuition in Ohio for what we offer is over $12,000. We offer it for less than half of that, and we have a sliding scale to reduce the burden even further for low-income families. Seven of our children receive tuition reduction scholarships totaling $19,728 this year.

But this doesn’t mean our bills are lower, or that we have the money to purchase needed supplies, and to make needed improvements.

Every dollar you give directly supports the programs that make such a difference in our children’s lives.

This We’ll Take What’s Left Wednesday, we just ask for your best gift in your support of Hilltop Children’s House.

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Bank Transfer

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PopMoney: To use PopMoney, create an account at and make your donation using our email address, [email protected]

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