Monthly Donors Make the HCH Possible

Hilltop Children’s Champions are those who give as little as $20 every month.

Tuition at Hilltop Children’s House is modest in comparison to Montessori programs across the state of Ohio—$2,200 to the $8,000 average—but that’s still not pocket change to families here in the hilltop neighborhoods.

Through your monthly gifts children are able to benefit from our programs without cost being a barrier.

Two ways to become a Hilltop Children’s Champion


Choose your champion level


PopMoney connects directly to your bank to set up a monthly direct withdrawal from your account. After setting up your account at PopMoney you will find us using our email address,, to set up your monthly gift.

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Don’t hesitate to call us, 703-517-8735, with any questions.


Scholarship Opportunities

Those who bring together at least five champions (or the equivalent of at least $1,100 per year) can name a scholarship and receive regular updates about the child who benefits directly from their generosity.

If you and four or more of your friends would like to set up a scholarship, contact us at and we’ll be in touch!