Monthly Donors Make Hilltop Children's House Possible

Hilltop Children’s Champions are those who give regular monthly donations of as little as $20.

We provide life-changing AMI Montessori programs to kids in a depressed region. Our tuition is modest in comparison to what schools normally charge for such programs, but even our low tuition is too high for many families who come to us. So we reduce tuition according to a sliding scale for families according to their ability to pay.

But this doesn’ t mean our bills We reduce tuition for families Through your monthly gifts children are able to benefit from our programs without cost being a barrier.

Three ways to become a Hilltop Children's Champion

Direct Deposit

A regular direct transfer using a service like PopMoney or Zelle avoids all fees. Some banks allow this to be set up to be a recurring monthly payment, so check with your institution.

Facebook or Paypal Giving Fund

Both Facebook and Paypal Giving Fund allow recurring monthly donations, and neither takes a fee. When signing up for either be sure to indicate that you’d like this gift to be monthly.

Regular Paypal

If you prefer to give via regular PayPal you may also do that. It charges a nominal fee, but the form has an option for your donation to include a little extra to cover that fee. Such help will aid our budget and make sure your full intended amount goes to support our programs.

Scholarship Opportunities

Those who bring together at least five champions (or the equivalent of at least $1,100 per year) can name a scholarship and receive regular updates about the child who benefits directly from their generosity.

If you and four or more of your friends would like to set up a scholarship, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!